Who is a Workplace Champion?

Workplace Champion Book

For over 50 years, I’ve had the Workplace Champion in my heart and on my mind. During my career I saw good people wither on the sidelines because their bosses didn’t see their talents. When I became a boss, I began looking for championship material (superior talents) in others. And, because I looked for it I found it.

This site is dedicated to the Champion in the workplace. My new book, Workplace Champion By Example, describes how a new supervisor can become successful by holding certain paradigms about the job, the role and the alliances. The purpose of this site is to appeal to leaders who share my interest in building better companies by building better supervisors who uncover the champions in their midst.

Championship is all around us, in the people who run and work for great organizations. It can be recognized and appreciated to benefit both the champions and their supporting organizations.

The word CHAMPION is both a noun and a verb; it describes both ‘being’ and ‘doing’: the secret to success in business.

Mining is recognizing the existence of precious metals and bringing them to the surface. We can help people mine ‘championship’ both in themselves and in others.

My book Workplace Champion By Example shows how a supervisor can become a workplace champion. By example, it also shows company leaders how to develop workplace champions in their organizations