The Critical Coaching Response


What to say to a senior executive you are coaching? Recently the writers of CHALLENGING COACHING asked participants of their World Business and Executive Coaching Summit, “What would you say to a senior executive you were coaching who had not undertaken any of the actions agreed at the previous meeting?” This got me thinking of […]

How leaders achieve loyalty and consistent growth?


What is the secret of continued success in business? At an early age, I learned the secret of business success from my mom. Each week, after her Saturday night bridge party scores were revealed, Mom would present her guests with their rewards. She had a small wrapped gift (a comb, a nail file, a change […]

How two great mentors motivated my success

True success in business doesn’t come from good management, it comes from good mentors. We must be good at finding and awakening the championship in people around us. Look for gold in others, and you will find it. Notice the champions in your workplace, support them and watch good things happen. When I first started […]