11 Important Employee Challenges

As an employee, what are your greatest challenges? Champions in the Workplaceâ„¢ conducted a poll to learn what challenges employees felt were most important to them. Here are the results, by relevance. 1. Discontent / De-motivated (21% picked this) Often, this is caused by a lack of information or communication about what’s going on in […]

Supervisor, are you Dictator, Friend or Coach?


Supervisor in the hot zone Between Workers and Management A high-pressure job with huge influence, the supervisor stands at the critical core of most companies, in the hot zone between workers and management. This role can significantly help or hinder a company’s well-being. The champion supervisor learns to use this position to help others grow. […]

Losing Employees? How to build loyalty.


Do you have high employee turnover? Are your employees quitting? Employees don’t leave companies. They leave their bosses. How A Good Supervisor Can Motivate Employee Loyalty We each have five personal human needs to meet before we feel content as human beings according to psychologist Dr. William Glasser. As supervisors, we can design a worker’s […]