Showcasing Workplace Champions


The Olympics showcase our best athletes, but only every four years. Good supervisors have championship performances daily, but rarely get the acclaim they deserve. Let’s take a moment today to recognize and acclaim our best employees, our own workplace champions. People like Rita, a soft-spoken cleaning lady with a steel will and a golden heart. […]

Supervisor, are you Dictator, Friend or Coach?


Supervisor in the hot zone Between Workers and Management A high-pressure job with huge influence, the supervisor stands at the critical core of most companies, in the hot zone between workers and management. This role can significantly help or hinder a company’s well-being. The champion supervisor learns to use this position to help others grow. […]

Positive Attitude, a Liability?


Can a positive attitude hurt your success opportunities? Life has a way of surprising us at the worst possible times. As supervisor, we must anticipate the unexpected. If nothing else, it will allow us to strengthen our success plans. Professional magicians are great at planning for the unexpected. What if I present a card spread, […]