Supervisor, are you Dictator, Friend or Coach?

Supervisor in Hot ZoneSupervisor in the hot zone Between Workers and Management

A high-pressure job with huge influence, the supervisor stands at the critical core of most companies, in the hot zone between workers and management. This role can significantly help or hinder a company’s well-being. The champion supervisor learns to use this position to help others grow. To do this well, a supervisor must learn five skills: dreaming, selling, training, planning and collaborating. The skills of an effective workplace coach, a champion prospector.

Better Supervisors Apply Employee Talents

As supervisor, you are in a highly visible job. Do and say everything you do as if you are being watched, because YOU ARE. But, don’t be self-conscious, be talent-conscious.

Become skilled at recognizing the good work of others. Attach a profit-value to what people do naturally.

For example, if an employee demonstrates influence — spoken words, good or bad, are repeated by others — find a job where that employee can practice those skills to benefit your company. Of course, you want to encourage the good words, not the bad ones.

Buried within the sea of workers around you are workplace champions. The Laird’s expressed it well in their book SIZING UP PEOPLE: “The average person or ‘common man’ is a myth, created by statistics and kept alive by politics. We are all eccentric to an extent. Part of the supervisor’s job is to note these variations and to stimulate each worker to make the best use of his [or her] own abilities.

Your Perceptions are Real

People’s perceptions are important. How others see the supervisor and how the supervisor sees herself. How others see themselves and how they see others. All this is critical to the well being and growth of employees. Make the best use of your position. Here are some rules:

Give your workers what they need;

Give your bosses what they want;

Give your colleagues (other supervisors) what they want; and

Determine and then become the supervisor your company really needs.

You have the position, the opportunity and the skills.

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