Showcasing Workplace Champions

The Olympics showcase our best athletes, but only every four years. Good
supervisors have chamChamps-pionship performances daily, but rarely get the acclaim they deserve.

Let’s take a moment today to recognize and acclaim our best employees, our own workplace champions. People like Rita, a soft-spoken cleaning lady with a steel will and a golden heart. People like Ed, who turned his anger into support. People like John who learned the motivational power of a small gold star sticker. Look for and you will find champions in your workplace. We get what we expect. So, expect good performance.

How to Recognize Workplace Champions?

So, how do we recognize championship in our workplaces? Think about how the Olympics recognize performance. They showcase the talent and then they present three medals. The medals don’t have much practical worth. Their value is largely emotional. They lift the athlete’s spirits, and give them bragging rights.

In my book, Workplace Champion By Example, I highlight the importance of an insignificant gold star in generating continued good performance by one of my supervisors.

Create “medals” in your workplace. Lift the spirits of your champions and then stand back and watch performances *soar* like an Olympic snowboarder.

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