Reject Efficiency, Choose Effectiveness.

How do you measure up?

Measuring Effectiveness

Reduce Employee Turnover
Build Manager Effectiveness

Company owners face heavy employee turnover that eats into their profits.
They are frustrated and unable to get traction to fix it.

With our help, they grow manager effectiveness and retain good employees.

Manager Effectiveness Can Be Learned

At Champions in the Workplace Inc., we show managers:
1) How to reject efficiency and work more effectively
2) How to motivate and reward their workers
3) How to build high-performance teams; and
4) How to make decisions that increase profits.

Where they felt lost and powerless before, now they have
effective managers, loyal employees, new customers and higher profits.

We’ve worked with Canadian manufacturers and professionals
who are surprised and thrilled with their new success.

If you want to cut waste, increase profit and keep good workers, talk to me.

Phone John at 604-540-8183 or email me at

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