Personal Commitment to My Workers


Grow Your Champions With Recognition and Praise

What’s Holding You Back?

My company logo is designed to show what can happen when employees are freed from their restraints. Too often, I’ve seen perfectly capable people held back by their own fears or lack of confidence in their abilities and possibilities. The red ring and slash represents negative labels like NOT worthwhile, NOT a champion, NOT promotable, NOT seen or appreciated. This logo shows how the inner champion is released when the restraints are broken. Everybody has a champion within that is just waiting to be released. But who can break the restraints?

Releasing the champion can be troublesome however if the time isn’t right, if the environment isn’t right, if management is not prepared to monitor and manage the phenomenal possibilities of this metamorphism: the birth of a champion! As manager, I must prepare for this event. No, not just prepare for it; expect it. I must be ready to champion the champion. I start with nurture.

Growing Champions is like growing a garden. I must prepare the ground, plant the seeds and tend the garden regularly with nutrients, water, and sunshine.

Assess, acknowledge, applaud and apply the different talents,
styles, skills, and knowledge of the people around you.

I will become an expert at giving positive feedback to everyone around me. I get more of what I pay attention to. If I pay attention to good behaviors, they will grow.

I will observe and respond to every opportunity to congratulate my clients, my workers and my colleagues.

Research shows that Power and Praise are crucial for increasing employee productivity and engagement. Through personal example, I will teach my champions how to increase performance in others. Leaders feed good behaviors.

 Some people think praise only goes to the head
but proper recognition speaks to the heart.

 Appreciated people appreciate in value!

Help your champions break through their constraints and show what they can do!

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