How leaders achieve loyalty and consistent growth?

What is the secret of continued success in business?

At an early age, I learned the secret of business success from my mom. Each week, after her Saturday night bridge party scores were revealed, Mom would present her guests with their rewards. She had a small wrapped gift (a comb, a nail file, a change purse) for the person with the best score, one for the second best score, third best, lowest score (the unselfish “booby prize”), one for the player with the nicest smile, one for the best dressed player, the best joke or story and so on. Everyone left Mom’s bridge parties with recognition and praise for their contributions to the event’s success. Everyone would be back again next week motivated by Mom’s recognition.

Do you remember when you Workers celebrating a win - staff loyalty!started your business, how each success was celebrated by all the members? Organizations succeed on the shoulders of ALL their members, not just the best performers. Those who are recognized usually perform the best. Why not recognize them all? Yet, time after time, we see recognition go only to the best performers; the rest are ignored.

In every event or organization, the leader must honor the contributions of all members if they want consistent enterprise growth and loyalty. After all, why would anyone want to work hard for a company who won’t appreciate their efforts?

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