performance defines the label.

Many CEOs think that the job title matters. Call a person a manager and they will manage. Call them a leader and they will lead. True leadership comes naturally from within. Many posts have been written about the definition of a manager.

You're Amazing!

Lend your E.A.R. to leadership performance

I have worked for 50 years in different company roles and I cannot define what a ‘manager’ is or specifically does, in a general way.

The Leader or Manager label does not define the role. It’s the other way round, the role creates the label. A leader is someone who is followed, no matter what rank or role that person holds.

I’ve seen front-line workers who have generated a following within the workplace. I call them ‘workplace champions’ because of their impact on others.

There were great times in my experience when my own employees provided leadership in my workplace. As their boss, I provided Encouragement, Authorization and Resources to ‘permit’ their leadership. It wasn’t forced, it was natural. They led and I gave them an EAR.

Give your employees your E.A.R. and be wowed by the performance you’ll get.

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