How two great mentors motivated my success

True success in business doesn’t come from good management, it comes from good mentors. We must be good at finding and awakening the championship in people around us.

Look for gold in others, and you will find it. Notice the champions in your workplace, support them and watch good things happen.

When I first started my coaching career in 1996, a leader in the training and development industry, Ted Kemper, gave me a book. No fanfare! He just sent me a book in the mail with a short note, “I thought you might enjoy this.”

I studied The Game of Work (Charles A. Coonradt) because of my respect for Ted. The book established benchmarks for me. It gave me a framework for my own development.

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Coonradt’s concepts at that critical point in my career! It is now 17 years later and I just had the opportunity to talk with my mentor, the book’s author, at another critical point in my life – my transition to retirement. Chuck is still guiding me with his priceless advice and encouragement.

Ted Kemper’s decision to send me The Game of Work is an example of true leadership. He saw my potential. He knew exactly what I needed and he gave it to me by introducing me to Chuck through his book.

Ted’s gift guided my personal development and helped me build a successful coaching practice. Now, as I consider my retirement, I want to leave a legacy for others. My current mission is to transfer what I have learned to others through my book, Workplace Champion By Example: creating a workplace where people matter!

Don’t try to build workplace champions around you. They are already there. Plant seeds of success in all your employees and watch the champions reveal themselves!

Discover and support a workplace champion today.

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