The Development of Kyle!

KylesStoryKyle is Coached to Greatness By His Boss!

Kyle is a young worker who has been promoted to supervisor by his boss and development coach Barbra. Although they are both fictional characters, they represent a typical workplace promotion.

Follow Kyle as he takes on the role of supervisor, with Barb as his coach. The story of Kyle is based on the actual workplace experiences of Champions head coach John Smithman over a 30 year coaching career. John recently published a book to help new supervisors: Workplace Champion By Example available for under $20 on Amazon worldwide.

In this book, you will find insights that form simple benchmarks for the work of supervisors. For example, the book recommends that you “pay attention to what you want more of” because people crave attention. They will do whatever they can to get it. But if you pay them attention only when they misbehave, guess what? They will misbehave more often.


Being a good supervisor is not easy, but it is simple.

Coach John Smithman

Head Coach John Smithman

“Workplace challenges can be negative or positive. Often, that depends on your viewing framework. Watch the ongoing saga of Kyle as he faces his workplace challenges from a positive, learning perspective, while Barb stands behind him with pride. Let me know if you recognize these scenarios in your own workplace. Give me examples and I’ll work them into Kyle’s future episodes. I hope you enjoy Kyle’s Story.”

John Smithman

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