Dealing with performance issues at work.

Use wonder, not anger, when dealing with performance issues at work.

To avoid misperceptions and potential conflict consider that the other person may have a valid point. Be eager to listen and either change your opinion or respect the differences and agree to disagree.

Four EAGR Components for Building Workplace Relationships:

1.   Empathy – understand and appreciate another’s feelings.

2.   Authenticity – expect a relationship of honesty, openness and trust.

3.   Grounding – clear and specific communications and expectations.

4.   Respect – recognize and value another’s unique talents, abilities and viewpoint.

When Dealing with Minor Performance Issues, use these three simple statements to elicit the other person’s opinion. Then, listen carefully to the response.

  • This is what I expected.
  • This is what I felt happened.
  • Please tell me about it.

Often, the problem is one of misunderstanding or improper motivation.

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