Club Holes and Hooks – Build Sustainability

by Canada’s foremost leadership coach

As a board member of 5 different service clubs and leader of 5 different companies, I learned to build sustainable organizations. Clubs either blossom and grow or they wither and die. They rarely stay static. Strong club leaders hold the interests and build the loyalties of their members. This article is about club leadership. Many of you may have joined a club at some time. You have seen the effect of the holes. You may have learned to apply the hooks that hold clubs together.

Clubs are training grounds for good leaders.
Leaders Learn How to Build Hooks to Enhance Loyalty.

The Birth of a Club. A few dreamers with mutual interests decide to form a club. They attract enthusiastic fans. They build a hopeful organization. People are excited, a club is ignited like a match. What is the secret of sustainable clubs? How do you keep that match burning brightly? How do you avoid the holes and build the hooks?

HOLES – a Demonstration

HolesLet this cup represent your club. Add water to represent your club members. As people join, your club is filled. Everyone is excited, engaged, involved. But, beware the growth of holes that drain away your membership. These holes are envy, mistrust, criticism, disappointment. A few people do most of the work and that deadly virus SILENCE appears. Silence is a warning sign. Pay attention to unusually silent members. Ask them questions, listen carefully and show concern.

People will lose interest, miss meetings and eventually quit because nobody notices. Nobody cares. These are the HOLES that will drain your club.

HooksWhat You Need Are HOOKS.

HOOKS are the secret ingredients that sustain great organizations. Build HOOKS to earn the loyalty of your club members. The acronym CHEERS will help you remember that strong clubs need the magical ingredients of Care, Honor, Empathy, Education, Respect and Support. These are the tools of good mentors and coaches. Build Velcroâ„¢ hooks into your club to bind your members together and sustain them. Then, when the leaks appear – and they will appear – your club will survive with a strong foundation and an adhesion to survive for a long, long time to come!

John Smithman, Head Coach
Champions in the Workplace
John wrote the step-by-step training guide for new supervisors: Workplace Champion By Example, found at Amazon Books. He is a management coach and magician. He served on many boards of directors, built an airline from the ground up and administered two university service departments for 15 years. John’s book site is http://www.Workplace Drop by and check it out for other simple and effective leadership tips.

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