How do CEOs Build High Performance Companies?

How do CEOs Build High Performance Companies?

Who cares about a CEO’s leadership success? There are several people: the local community, the shareholders, the employees, The Press and the CEO’s family and friends.

Inspire employees with the gift of motivation.High Level Managers

You’re a high level manager in your company. You know its potential for growth. And yet, you have supervisors who can’t manage their people. They won’t wear their safety gear nor heed the company safety rules. They are always complaining they don’t have enough money to cover their expenses and certainly they don’t have the equipment they need.

I’ve been in your shoes. And then I discovered the secrets of motivating workers. Enable your workplace champions! Find the secrets in my book, Workplace Champion By Example.

Watch Good Things Happen!

I was a highly-motivated manager for over 30 years. I studied good management practices. I digested Peter Drucker, Charles Coonradt and Michael Gerber’s books. I studied Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Successful People. I attended leadership courses and time management courses; and I listened to Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn recordings. I read The Goal by Eli Goldratt on breaking through bottlenecks. I absorbed all the ideas I could find and then applied them where I worked. Ultimately I learned the truth about leadership. Then, I realized that I had learned the basics at a very young age from my mom.

Even though I always felt that I could make things happen with my management practices if they were good enough, the reality is that things happened with or without my pushing. The key is to be vigilant and jump on them when they do. If I am always on the lookout for workplace championship, I will find it. If I pay attention to what I want more of in the workplace, that’s when I can support growth rather than push it. So I wrote a common sense coaching manual of my experience for supervisors and other managers.

Placing my book in the hands of all supervisors exposes them to their potential for workplace championship. It’s the ‘yellow car’ from my book. Buying a book for each supervisor, or better yet for each employee, is like planting more seeds than needed in your garden. The result is a better harvest.

For less than $10 a book, good leaders invest in workplace championship at their companies and then watch the good things happen!

Value The Cost-Benefit Advantage

The cost of management training: $500-$2500 per person per day. Cost of a day’s training for the five supervisors of a small company of 50 employees is $2500 – $12,500. For $500, this company’s leader can buy a book for each employee and still have money left over. If everyone in the company has my book, they will see and appreciate the workplace champions in their midst. Many good things will happen. The company will have a culture of ‘workplace championship’ embedded in each employee, not just the few who were sent to a course.

If your company CEO bought you a book to read, would you read it? Would you think that maybe the CEO believes in the book’s concepts, believes in you and may be observing and cheering your performance right now?

By distributing this book, the CEO is distributing a succession culture to his company.

What if you included your company’s mission statement, signed by you personally, in each copy?

Workplace Champion By Example is easy to read. It covers each growing step to high performance as a supervisor, such as: getting established in the new job, building a strong base of support and value, planning success, building teams, and establishing a culture of succession for the company by finding and developing those employees best fit for leading the company into a prosperous future.

Give your self-motivated employees a chance to show you what they can do!

Give them a copy of Workplace Champion By Example and then step out of the way.

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