Story of Kyle – TASTEful Recruiting

Use TASTE to Find Quality Recruits for Your Team, Club, or Company Just uploaded my latest ‘Story of Kyle’ video. It’s about a benchmark I developed with the help of my client managers for recruiting quality employees. TASTE reminds you of the five qualities of good employees. See How to Determine the Ideal Employee in […]

How do CEOs Build High Performance Companies?


How do CEOs Build High Performance Companies? Who cares about a CEO’s leadership success? There are several people: the local community, the shareholders, the employees, The Press and the CEO’s family and friends. High Level Managers You’re a high level manager in your company. You know its potential for growth. And yet, you have supervisors […]

Selecting Employees – The TASTE Test


Often the answers to our workplace problems lie right beneath our feet. Why can’t we see them? As workplace supervisors, we wonder why we can’t get things done well by our employees. Is it because today’s workers are not trained or motivated? Initiative? Why can’t all our employees work as well as our best employees? […]

Succession Aborted: Why Do Good People Leave Companies?


Employee turnover is the biggest expense at large companies. The one-time cost of replacing a departing employee is more than their annual salary. Recruiting costs, new employee training and indoctrination costs, plus the cost of lost productivity when your best worker is reassigned to train the new employee, and the cost of your own lost […]