Club Holes and Hooks – Build Sustainability


by Canada’s foremost leadership coach As a board member of 5 different service clubs and leader of 5 different companies, I learned to build sustainable organizations. Clubs either blossom and grow or they wither and die. They rarely stay static. Strong club leaders hold the interests and build the loyalties of their members. This article […]

Personal Commitment to My Workers


What’s Holding You Back? My company logo is designed to show what can happen when employees are freed from their restraints. Too often, I’ve seen perfectly capable people held back by their own fears or lack of confidence in their abilities and possibilities. The red ring and slash represents negative labels like NOT worthwhile, NOT […]

Reject Efficiency, Choose Effectiveness.


Reduce Employee Turnover Build Manager Effectiveness Company owners face heavy employee turnover that eats into their profits. They are frustrated and unable to get traction to fix it. With our help, they grow manager effectiveness and retain good employees. Manager Effectiveness Can Be Learned At Champions in the Workplace Inc., we show managers: 1) How […]

Showcasing Workplace Champions


The Olympics showcase our best athletes, but only every four years. Good supervisors have championship performances daily, but rarely get the acclaim they deserve. Let’s take a moment today to recognize and acclaim our best employees, our own workplace champions. People like Rita, a soft-spoken cleaning lady with a steel will and a golden heart. […]

How leaders achieve loyalty and consistent growth?


What is the secret of continued success in business? At an early age, I learned the secret of business success from my mom. Each week, after her Saturday night bridge party scores were revealed, Mom would present her guests with their rewards. She had a small wrapped gift (a comb, a nail file, a change […]