A Return On Training


A company that ignores its Return On Training Investment (ROTI) won’t stay in business for long! When a prospective client asks how much I charge for coaching, I often ask them to give me a dollar without expecting its return. When I get the dollar, I give them $5 in return. This demonstrates my commitment […]

Reject Efficiency, Choose Effectiveness.


Reduce Employee Turnover Build Manager Effectiveness Company owners face heavy employee turnover that eats into their profits. They are frustrated and unable to get traction to fix it. With our help, they grow manager effectiveness and retain good employees. Manager Effectiveness Can Be Learned At Champions in the Workplace Inc., we show managers: 1) How […]

Telling Behavior


If you look for the good in people, you will find it. When a normally-good employee changes behavior, it’s not without cause. It’s a symptom, an effect, of something that has changed in the employee’s life. Your diagnosis of the root cause for this change is critical. Don’t react to the symptom. Take time to […]

Dealing with performance issues at work.

Use wonder, not anger, when dealing with performance issues at work. To avoid misperceptions and potential conflict consider that the other person may have a valid point. Be eager to listen and either change your opinion or respect the differences and agree to disagree. Four EAGR Components for Building Workplace Relationships: 1.   Empathy – understand and appreciate […]

Brainstorm by shifting perspectives


Brain-shifting You have been rewarded for your hard work with a promotion to Supervisor. You have done a great job and are being recognized for your hard work. Honor your company as they honor you. You’re beginning a wonderful voyage with unlimited opportunity. Embrace your potential. At times, it may seem scary as unexpected challenges […]