Tough Love Supervision

Paul’s Story This story from a champion manager shows the humanity and impact of his style of supervision. It illustrates the five C’s of champion supervision: Communication, Consequence, Contrasting, Coaching and Creating the future. The announcement: a significant new contract! Paul, general manager of a Canadian manufacturing plant, asked the employees to gather for some […]

How two great mentors motivated my success

True success in business doesn’t come from good management, it comes from good mentors. We must be good at finding and awakening the championship in people around us. Look for gold in others, and you will find it. Notice the champions in your workplace, support them and watch good things happen. When I first started […]

Losing Employees? How to build loyalty.


Do you have high employee turnover? Are your employees quitting? Employees don’t leave companies. They leave their bosses. How A Good Supervisor Can Motivate Employee Loyalty We each have five personal human needs to meet before we feel content as human beings according to psychologist Dr. William Glasser. As supervisors, we can design a worker’s […]