Club Holes and Hooks – Build Sustainability


by Canada’s foremost leadership coach As a board member of 5 different service clubs and leader of 5 different companies, I learned to build sustainable organizations. Clubs either blossom and grow or they wither and die. They rarely stay static. Strong club leaders hold the interests and build the loyalties of their members. This article […]

Story of Kyle – TASTEful Recruiting

Use TASTE to Find Quality Recruits for Your Team, Club, or Company Just uploaded my latest ‘Story of Kyle’ video. It’s about a benchmark I developed with the help of my client managers for recruiting quality employees. TASTE reminds you of the five qualities of good employees. See How to Determine the Ideal Employee in […]

A Return On Training


A company that ignores its Return On Training Investment (ROTI) won’t stay in business for long! When a prospective client asks how much I charge for coaching, I often ask them to give me a dollar without expecting its return. When I get the dollar, I give them $5 in return. This demonstrates my commitment […]

Consensus Leadership is the Best Way to Lead


Voluntary Clubs Are Training Grounds For Great Leaders Dear Club Executives and Directors, Congratulations on your choice to be a leader of this wonderful volunteer organization! This is your year to make a difference as a club leader. You may¬† feel this is a great opportunity to make substantive changes. It surely is. But don’t […]

How to Balance the Strengths on Your Board

A Good Hand

Does your organization have a strong Board? Most clubs and organizations have groups of volunteer leaders sitting on their Boards. These Board members are motivated, conscientious and selfless. They give of their time and talents to help the organization prosper. Thank them profusely for their time, praise them for their efforts, but manage them. What […]