The CAREER Menu Your Quick Recipe to Successful Management Coach your people, don’t boss them. When you think and act like a coach: you set goals; build champions; and create high performance teams. Anticipate challenges and prepare for them through appropriate training and mindset. Recognize good performance and good attendance and you will get more […]



You have had a fascinating and successful life: rising from humble beginnings and early family challenges, reaching a proud height with your own business. Then, due to circumstances outside your control, your business stumbles. This is a common experience for entrepreneurs. Facing a challenging environment and suffering a setback, you pick yourself up, dust yourself […]

Supervisor, are you Dictator, Friend or Coach?


Supervisor in the hot zone Between Workers and Management A high-pressure job with huge influence, the supervisor stands at the critical core of most companies, in the hot zone between workers and management. This role can significantly help or hinder a company’s well-being. The champion supervisor learns to use this position to help others grow. […]