The Magic that is Jack Lillico.


Jack Lillico has been a member of the Vancouver Magic Circle for 70 years. His life was filled with magic; but he also had other pursuits like a career as a Denturist and two cross-Canada tours in his homebuilt Model T Ford. This article reflects some of his story as a magician in Vancouver, British […]

The Power of CHOICE!


How to Use Your Mindset to Achieve Success My friend Anthony Hamilton wrote a provocative book: Mind, Time & Power! When he showed it to me one day at the IHOP in New Westminster, I started reading it and couldn’t pull my eyes away. My hand automatically went to my pocket as I said, “I […]



The CAREER Menu Your Quick Recipe to Successful Management Coach your people, don’t boss them. When you think and act like a coach: you set goals; build champions; and create high performance teams. Anticipate challenges and prepare for them through appropriate training and mindset. Recognize good performance and good attendance and you will get more […]

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Tough Love Supervision

Paul’s Story This story from a champion manager shows the humanity and impact of his style of supervision. It illustrates the five C’s of champion supervision: Communication, Consequence, Contrasting, Coaching and Creating the future. The announcement: a significant new contract! Paul, general manager of a Canadian manufacturing plant, asked the employees to gather for some […]