The Power of CHOICE!


How to Use Your Mindset to Achieve Success My friend Anthony Hamilton wrote a provocative book: Mind, Time & Power! When he showed it to me one day at the IHOP in New Westminster, I started reading it and couldn’t pull my eyes away. My hand automatically went to my pocket as I said, “I […]



The CAREER Menu Your Quick Recipe to Successful Management Coach your people, don’t boss them. When you think and act like a coach: you set goals; build champions; and create high performance teams. Anticipate challenges and prepare for them through appropriate training and mindset. Recognize good performance and good attendance and you will get more […]



You have had a fascinating and successful life: rising from humble beginnings and early family challenges, reaching a proud height with your own business. Then, due to circumstances outside your control, your business stumbles. This is a common experience for entrepreneurs. Facing a challenging environment and suffering a setback, you pick yourself up, dust yourself […]

Just do it!

Champion within

Decide first. And there’s a process for that. Then do. Two steps: Decide and Do. I was working with a group of supervisors in one of our modular management training programs, in the module on achieving goals, when I was surprised to find that no matter how hard they visualized and how clearly they wrote […]

Positive Attitude, a Liability?


Can a positive attitude hurt your success opportunities? Life has a way of surprising us at the worst possible times. As supervisor, we must anticipate the unexpected. If nothing else, it will allow us to strengthen our success plans. Professional magicians are great at planning for the unexpected. What if I present a card spread, […]