Can Being Thoughtless Actually Help You in Business?

thoughtless hatBe Thoughtless

This is one of the Five Success Secrets of Champions, things your mother probably didn’t tell you.

Your mother probably told you to Be Thoughtful. Consider carefully what you do before you do it, think it through. Be sure that what you do benefits both yourself and others. Think before you act.

Well here’s a surprise. Thinking before acting may be counterproductive. I say, learn to

Be Thoughtless

As we age, we learn new tasks: at first difficult, then easy. We become very efficient at certain tasks without being aware of it. Why is that? Walking, reading, driving… once thoughtful, now thoughtless acts. We turn thoughtful activities into thoughtless ones. It’s how we create time to grow.

What’s another name for thoughtless activity? … Habit.

Habits ensure consistent results. Good habits consistently ensure good results. We survive on good habits. Bad habits can kill you. That is definitely a bad result.

!!! Restraining an Elephant !!!

How is it that one of the strongest animals in the world can be restrained by a small chain attached to a short stake in the ground?

When an elephant is very young, it is chained to a stake in the ground to prevent it from wandering off. As the elephant grows older, it gets conditioned to walking no more than about five feet away from the stake whenever a chain is fastened to its leg. It has learned long ago, that it is futile to try to escape when that chain is attached.

The Spanish call habits cables of steel. They are very hard to break. So develop good habits that will firmly keep you on the right path.

 Be Thoughtless. Develop Good Habits.

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