Brainstorm by shifting perspectives


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Brain-shifting new perspectives

You have been rewarded for your hard work with a promotion to Supervisor. You have done a great job and are being recognized for your hard work. Honor your company as they honor you. You’re beginning a wonderful voyage with unlimited opportunity. Embrace your potential.

At times, it may seem scary as unexpected challenges arise. Don’t lose faith. Every problem has a solution. I can’t think of any workplace challenge that wasn’t met by some supervisor at another place or time. Adopt a can-do attitude. Prepare your mind for success. While confronting the questions in the 99 Questions for New Supervisors WORKBOOK, you’ll discover that there are always alternative answers to consider. Open your mind to the flexibility of the workplace. Open the workplace to the flexibility of your mind.

Your role will transform as you move from completing projects to planning projects. You will shift from getting things done through others to getting others done through things. What I just did in the last sentence is what I encourage you to do if a solution to a challenge eludes you. I call it brain-shifting. I just opened my thoughts to the potential for helping others grow through job planning.

Take an idea or premise and give it a jolt. Shake it up. Shift the paradigm and see what pops out. It’s a form of brainstorming that creates new perspectives for you.

Write down a challenge and then scramble the words and rewrite the concept in a completely different way. Often this word scramble uncovers new possibilities. Allow- no!- stimulate your powerful “champion” mind to solve the problems for you. It may seem silly, but it is a form of play that awakens creativity and gives birth to fresh ideas.

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