99 Questions for New Supervisors – Coaching questions to build a career

99 questions workbookThis workbook contains the 99 questions that new supervisors will need to answer if they want to succeed as an effective supervisor. Work through this book and write your answers next to the questions. When you are comfortable with your answers, get a copy of Workplace Champion By Example to check your answers and gain more insight into becoming a champion supervisor.



Workplace Champion By Example – Growing Employee Loyalty

Workplace Champion by ExampleYou’ve worked hard and earned your promotion to Supervisor. While working hard may have won your promotion, you’ll find your new role quite a bit different from your previous one. In fact, many don’t make the transition successfully.

Now, you must learn how to get people to want to do what you want them to do. From being responsible for your own work, you are now responsible for the work of others. Workplace Champion By Example will guide you through the four stages of development from great worker to great supervisor. It contains the answers to the 99 questions found in my first book and much, much more. Besides complete answers and the reasoning behind them, this book also contains a new section with tips, strategies and background information for the supervisor’s coach or boss.


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