You have had a fascinating and successful life: rising from humble beginnings and early family challenges, reaching a proud height with your own business. Then, due to circumstances outside your control, your business stumbles. This is a common experience for entrepreneurs. Facing a challenging environment and suffering a setback, you pick yourself up, dust yourself […]

Hurdling FEARs


How to Conquer the FEARs that Limit You When WORRY turns to FEAR, personal growth is paralyzed. Champions learn to hurdle such fears. Now, I’m not talking about honest justifiable fear like fear of injury in an unsafe environment. I’m talking about self-limiting psychological fears. There are mainly four such fears, one for each letter […]

Reject Efficiency, Choose Effectiveness.


Reduce Employee Turnover Build Manager Effectiveness Company owners face heavy employee turnover that eats into their profits. They are frustrated and unable to get traction to fix it. With our help, they grow manager effectiveness and retain good employees. Manager Effectiveness Can Be Learned At Champions in the Workplace Inc., we show managers: 1) How […]

Consensus Leadership is the Best Way to Lead


Voluntary Clubs Are Training Grounds For Great Leaders Dear Club Executives and Directors, Congratulations on your choice to be a leader of this wonderful volunteer organization! This is your year to make a difference as a club leader. You may  feel this is a great opportunity to make substantive changes. It surely is. But don’t […]

Don’t Slice a Banana in the Dark!


You can’t judge a book by its cover. This morning I arose before Clarena and decided to prepare my breakfast without turning on the kitchen light. In the dim light of dawn, I sliced a banana onto my cereal and added milk. Then I took my bowl into my office and was shocked to see […]

How to Balance the Strengths on Your Board

A Good Hand

Does your organization have a strong Board? Most clubs and organizations have groups of volunteer leaders sitting on their Boards. These Board members are motivated, conscientious and selfless. They give of their time and talents to help the organization prosper. Thank them profusely for their time, praise them for their efforts, but manage them. What […]

How do CEOs Build High Performance Companies?


How do CEOs Build High Performance Companies? Who cares about a CEO’s leadership success? There are several people: the local community, the shareholders, the employees, The Press and the CEO’s family and friends. High Level Managers You’re a high level manager in your company. You know its potential for growth. And yet, you have supervisors […]

When is Criticism a Good Thing?


When is criticism a good thing? Here’s the scene. You’re starting a new business or project, or you’re planning a change in your workplace. You’ve thought it through and have a well-structured plan. When you take the plan to your boss for approval,  you’re asked if anyone will oppose it. You say you don’t know. […]

Telling Behavior


If you look for the good in people, you will find it. When a normally-good employee changes behavior, it’s not without cause. It’s a symptom, an effect, of something that has changed in the employee’s life. Your diagnosis of the root cause for this change is critical. Don’t react to the symptom. Take time to […]