Alliance: Where Potential Lives

Who is your best ally?

ally: Merriam Webster dictionary
verb \ə-ˈlī, ˈa-ˌlī\. : to join (yourself) with another person, group, etc.,
in order to get or give support. al·liedal·ly·ing. Transitive verb.

At work

Work feels great when your boss is your ally. Without alliances, work can be unbearable. People don’t leave companies, people leave supervisors who do not ally. I’ve performed at my best when my boss not only paid me well, but also understood my strengths and my potential. He assigned work he knew I could do well. He offered challenges/opportunities that matched my potential.

Champion Alliances

Alliance is Success.

I spent 33 years building workplace alliances for multiple wins. Then, 17 years helping bosses and their workers build alliances for mutual benefit. My book, Workplace Champion By Example is the manual for building workplace alliances. Do you have your copy yet?

Get good at reading your allies’ strengths and potential. Look for opportunities for them to shine. Pay credit to good performance by your allies. You get more of what you pay attention to.

Alliances are the secret to successful projects too

Not just in work performance, alliances work well in other areas too. When faced with a major project that may face challenges by people opposed to change, learn how to build consensus and get the acceptance and support you need before you begin.

Here are the steps.

  1. Research and discover who are likely to be impacted by the decision to move forward.
  2. Meet with them and find out what they need to support the project.
  3. Add features that serve their needs.

You will end up with a better project in the end. And, by building alliances before you begin, you will avoid the push back that can occur at inconvenient times.

Build alliances where you work. That’s where prime profit potential lives.

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