PROMOTION? Want to get ahead at work?

How to Get a Promotion at Work

Buried within The Better People Leader (Charles A Coonradt 2007) is this story of Charles Percy. The best self-development advice I’ve seen, I saw it first in Managing The Obvious (How to get what you want using what you know) by Charles A. Coonradt (1994).

It’s not easy to be a good manager, but it is simple when you have steps to follow. Here, with permission from Charles A. Coonradt, is the story of Charles Percy’s rise to Presidency at Bell and Howell. On the occasion of his promotion to President at the age of 29, Percy explained to a reporter how he did it. Each time he was given a new position, he followed the standard time management principles listed below.

1. Itemize. “I list the results I want and the tasks required to achieve them.”

2. Categorize. “I put similar items together.”

3. Prioritize. “I decide what things are most important and which ones can be put aside for later.”

4. Delegate or Eliminate. “I decide on what could be better done by someone else and, more importantly, what doesn’t have to be done at all.”

This story tells us that by following this method with each promotion, Mr. Percy rose to President of his company because he was both competent and available at the right times! It’s not easy, but it is simple.


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