1. Give Them What They Want. An audience wants to be told what they want to hear. If you make them sit too long, you lose them. It’s better to leave them wanting more. As far as content is concerned, in sales, people will buy only what they want to buy deep down inside. Find that hidden need and fill it.
  2. Give Them Contrast. Too many presenters do too much of one thing. Comics who are funny the whole time offer no drama or theatrical byplay. The presentation gets stale. If you eat your favorite food every day, you’ll eventually hate it. The great comedies have contrast. There is a lesson interlaced with the laughs. All great Vegas shows are combinations: fascinating, firey and funny. Interest and inspire both the mind and the heart of your audience. Life is full of challenge and contrast.
  3. Give Options. People learn differently. Some watch, some hear and some feel. Appeal to all styles.StarQualityCropped
  4. Give Them Sincerity. Never ‘wing’ your show. Every time you perform, be sincere, give them your all. Be in the moment. When people give you their time and energy, don’t just talk or listen, interact.
  5. Give Them You. People may be able to explain what you did. But will they remember your name? Don’t let your magic be bigger than you.
  6. Be Ethical. Don’t Steal. Don’t do another’s material. People put their heart and soul into building a performance. That’s why they look good doing it. Like dogs smell fear, audiences smell phoniness. Give your audience authenticity.
  7. Give Them a Break. Keep your show simple and uncomplicated. Don’t use too many volunteers. That only confuses an audience. Let your effects build a strong message.
  8. Give Your Miracles Validation Use volunteers to confirm your honesty and build audience trust. A volunteer’s facial expressions when they witness your miracles before the rest of the audience, act as catalysts for excitement.
  9. Be Somewhat Believable. Slowly Build Credibility and Trust. Pace your Miracles. Reduce exaggeration. People don’t believe that you have real powers. They want to believe it, but they just don’t. Meet them at their level. Tell them the truth. Then they’ll believe everything else you say as their trust grows.
  10. Give Them Something They Care About. Do your homework. Make your message about them or something they relate to (their industry). Even if this means changing a story that happened to a friend of yours to one that happened to you. Then, if they can connect with that, they will connect with you. Make them part of the story and you become unforgettable.

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