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The Magic that is Jack Lillico.

Jack Lillico has been a member of the Vancouver Magic Circle for 70 years. His life was filled with magic; but he also had other pursuits like a career as a Denturist and two cross-Canada tours in his homebuilt Model T Ford. This article reflects some of his story as a magician in Vancouver, British […]



performance defines the label. Many CEOs think that the job title matters. Call a person a manager and they will manage. Call them a leader and they will lead. True leadership comes naturally from within. Many posts have been written about the definition of a manager. I have worked for 50 years in different company […]



Give Them What They Want. An audience wants to be told what they want to hear. If you make them sit too long, you lose them. It’s better to leave them wanting more. As far as content is concerned, in sales, people will buy only what they want to buy deep down inside. Find that […]


Club Holes and Hooks – Build Sustainability

by Canada’s foremost leadership coach As a board member of 5 different service clubs and leader of 5 different companies, I learned to build sustainable organizations. Clubs either blossom and grow or they wither and die. They rarely stay static. Strong club leaders hold the interests and build the loyalties of their members. This article […]

Story of Kyle – TASTEful Recruiting

Use TASTE to Find Quality Recruits for Your Team, Club, or Company Just uploaded my latest ‘Story of Kyle’ video. It’s about a benchmark I developed with the help of my client managers for recruiting quality employees. TASTE reminds you of the five qualities of good employees. See How to Determine the Ideal Employee in […]